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Cleos online store can choose any conveyance model from the different decisions accessible for the conveyance of the bought items. Any misfortune, harm of the bought items during travel won't be moved to the Buyer. Cleos gives guarantees that the arranged items are conveyed according to the item particulars and portrayals gave by the producers/Vendors as recorded on the Website. We are shipping in all over India.

While submitting a request, the Buyer must give the right delivering address and accurate PIN code before making the last installment. Cleos would not be answerable for non/deferred conveyance of the item if the Pin code isn't right. In the event that the Buyer's given location isn't workable by Cleos shop or the calculated specialist co-op or the location isn't in a region which is secured under the request affirmation structure, at that point the Buyer needs to include another delivery address which is functional by Cleos or the strategic specialist co-op.

It would be ideal if you note that the conveyance time accommodated the bought item is only an estimation of the dispatch time and isn't ensured and ought not to be depended on all things considered. Time ought not to be taken as the embodiment of the bi-partite contract between the Cleos and the Buyer for the item requested through the Website and Store. Notwithstanding, this ought to be comprehended that the items won't be conveyed except if the Buyer makes the necessary installment for the bought product(s). We ship products on all week days (Monday to Friday), excluding public holidays.

Purchaser will undoubtedly take conveyance of the bought items that are liberated from any flaw or harm (in a deliverable state). On the off chance that the Buyer can't or fails to acknowledge the conveyance of the bought items, the Buyer might be obligated to Cleos for such rejection because of any expense or misfortune or some other charges. Purchaser further recognizes that such misfortune and harms to Cleos are not backhanded or weighty.

The title and other intrigue and rights in the items will straightforwardly give to the Buyer from Cleos following the full installment of cost and conveyance of such items. The Buyer is esteemed to have acknowledged the item upon conveyance and all the danger of misfortune will be at risk to the endless supply of the bought item.

Purchaser is subject to educate Cleos in the event that he doesn't get the item inside 7-10 days of putting in the request. The request will be considered as conveyed in any case.